David Boaz, Our Great Persuader

Walter Olson

When I think of the most effective advocates of individual freedom in my generation, David Boaz is Number One, and there is no Number Two. No one has combined a more discerning judgment, a more unflagging dedication to principle, a more deft command of tone, such a relish in and curiosity for knowledge for its own sake, such a concern with being fair to opponents, such a knack for reaching so many kinds of audience. Wherever my work takes me I meet his students, readers, and admirers, those he has helped and influenced.

David was regularly described as the heart and soul of Cato. He is the reason I am at the institute, having reached out to bring me on board as a fellow in 2010. He knew Cato, he knew his old friends, and his instincts as to how I could best fit in were always right. Through Cato’s work and in a hundred other ways, my friend David’s light will shine on.

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